Improving Consumer Experience

Engagement and Targeting

Since the success of a total redesign of M-Rock’s website in 2013-2014, many viewers are now able to find the information they need quickly to help them in their decisions. But there is always room for improvement and M-Rock is always on the cutting edge of innovation. So we have to keep up with them as well as the trends of consumers. Tracking viewers who request sample of M-Rock had fallen to the wayside due to lack of employees and time to handle that task. So M-Rock’s Vice President of Operations challenged us to come up with some new marketing tools, Apps and software that can turn those samples and interest into leads and purchases.

Here are just a few of the things we came up with:

  • Manage social networks, schedule messages, engage your audiences, and measure response from the dashboard on Hootsuite.
  • Target visitors during a current session based on in-session behaviors, such as time spent viewing a product or overall engagement with content in a particular solution area.
  • Utilize surveys and forms for progressive profiling and collect data from individuals on a targeted and ongoing basis.
  • Create an Instagram account to upload live photos and videos while at trade shows and on job sites.
  • Answer questions, make suggestions and interface daily on with your viewers on Houzz. Look for areas where viewers seek advice on projects that M-Rock can weigh in on.
  • Submit photos and press releases to editors of various industry specific publications for story ideas.
  • Use a series of specific hashtags on social media to get information in front of the right people.
  • Post testimonials from clients on Facebook, Twitter and the website.
  • Hone marketing messages to attract and engage likely buyers.
  • Write website content for content marketing purpose.
  • Design and send a monthly newsletter via Constant Contact or iContact.
  • Start a blog/newspaper about recent or current jobs, new innovations in manufactured stone, trade shows you’ll be attending, share industry notes, etc.
  • Continuously look for new avenues, articles and ways to promote that are cost effective and results in high ROI.
  • Study and adjust SEO and send Google Analytics reports monthly via email.
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