2016 Love Giles Campaign

In the desire to have a fresh new logo for Giles County Tourism, and having spent hours trying to come up with a simple solution that made a broad statement, we finally hit the nail on the head in a last ditch effort. Introducing the new “Love Giles County Virginia” logo which easily conveys the message that there are so many thing about Giles to love, that no one image or icon can possibly portray it.

The pitch to the county went as follows…

“Just in time for Brides and Wedding Planners. Let’s start a ‘Show Your Love’ Campaign for Giles County.  We’ll encourage people take photos of themselves doing the love sign with their hands in their favorite Giles County places and post them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using #LoveGilesCoVa.  We will also start a new board on Pinterest called Love GilesCoVa where we will post the photos and logos. Sharing it with our tourism based businesses will allow them to feature it on their own Facebook pages and in advertising as well. Restaurants, bars, breweries, lodging, etc.”

heart-1-tshirtsThe reaction from the county administration was, “I love the marketing campaign… especially for Instagram and Facebook, it is a great way to get our photo’s picked up by VTC”.

VTC of course has been using the highly recognizable “Virginia is For Lovers” promotion for over a decade.

Along with the logo we created several mock ups showing how we could promote the campaign throughout the year and most effectively starting in January and February with the push towards new brides and Valentine’s Day.

Response from the county administration, “We think it would be better to only utilize  stylized font with Giles or Giles County & Va’s Mtn. Playground. We can then insert (where heart is) with the boot (like your previous ads, for hiking) or a fishing pole, a kayak, etc. We really like your concept of tailoring it to what we are promoting at that time (restaurants, AT, wine).”

Giles County heart-logo2


After a few more suggestions from the county on font revisions, we were on the right track. We also added the New River to the heart to show off the most important asset the county has.

Giles County heart logo final

“For your idea of “Show Your Love” campaign- which is perfect for Feb and Jan/Feb tend to be big wedding push months, like you were saying.  I will create a Pinterest board, love the Hashtag & think it’s great to push out. I’ll draft up a press release for local newspaper and blog and to send to businesses. We really like the header you suggested for Facebook but can you switch out the logo with one as described above (thicker font) and the heart we really think this one is great because it looks like the river coming through Giles.  Can you also resize the Facebook header to a perfect square so that I can share on Instagram? We also could include Twitter in the text of the header images. Thanks! We love the progress and it’s heading in the right direction. Thank you for your work!”

Our reaction to their response…“Everyone loves being loved! Especially when it’s our work they love.”

Below you can view the various logos and mock ups we provided.



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