We cover such a wide range of services that we can actually build a complete marketing package for you to include: Logo and Brand Identity, marketing campaigns for various media (print, online, YouTube, Social Media and television), web site development, e-commerce, videos, photography and even packaging and trade show graphics.




After our first conversation, whether in person, via phone or email, we will send you an outlined estimate based on our understanding of your project. If you agree, you will be asked to sign and send in a deposit for 1/2 of the estimate as confirmation. The work will begin according to the date we have provided to you. If there is any reason we cannot start by that date, we will let you know via email.


    As we are listening to you discuss your ideas and needs, we will be taking notes and thinking about how to proceed. If there are any web sites or materials already produced that you like and want us to view, please let us know up front. This will give us a clearer vision.

    We will be asking for your logo, graphics and photos if you have them already so we may begin. If you have your text ready to go, please send us that in a Word Doc. You will be given a Shared Dropbox Folder for uploading all your material.

    Your deposit is paid at this time to purchase hosting and domain if needed as well as act as security.


    Once we begin the layout, we usually have 2-3 ideas we will want to present. You will either be given a link to see them online if they are for a web site, or you will be emailed print versions to look at.  At this time you will let us know which version you like best, or mix and match elements from each to go by.

    That is what we will begin building the project from. So please be specific.


    Design phase can take anywhere from 48 hours to 3 months depending on the project. If we are designing a web site for you, you will be given a link in which you can watch the process take place. The sooner we get text and changes back from you the sooner we can continue the project.

    If we are working on print material, we will send you revisions as they are made via email. The sooner you sign off on them the sooner we can complete your project.


    Development phase is where we start to add all the bells and whistles that you want. Java scripts, forms, rotators, galleries, etc. for your web site. For WordPress sites, this is here we add plugins, and do any CSS style changes needed.  We will be working behind the scene for the most part so you probably will not see much different on the front end.  We will be adding SEO and META DATA, tags, and formatting.

    If we are working on print material, this is where we will be contacting printers to get the correct templates, and submission guidelines to ensure the printers do not have any problems with our submission.

    You will be asked at this time to provide either 1/2 of the balance due or the balance in full.

  • TEST

    Your web site or WordPress site will be tested on various browsers and devices to ensure cross-platform functionality and compatibility. We will go through W3C to make sure all code is compliant and make adjustments where needed. If there are any problem which arise, we will find fixes and test again.

    When working with printers, this is where we will get a proof back and will be looking over it for color, misspelling, margins, bleeds and folds. Once we are satisfied, we will pass it to you and as you to also look over it.  If satisfied, we will both sign off on the proof and send it back to the printer.

    Most printer require payment upfront. If we negotiated the cost in the estimate, we will be paying this. Otherwise we will let you know the cost and it will be up to you to pay the printer.


    Web site support will given via phone and email for up to one month free of charge. We will have a complete backup of your site on our desktop and encourage you to make one as well. This way if for any reason, you make changes that messes up the coding and need to re-upload the original page, it can be done quickly and easily.

    You will be given instruction on how to use the Content Management System we set up for you to make changes and updates.

    If you have a WordPress site, you will be provided with detailed screen captures with directions on how to make changes, upload and size images, add pages to navigation and so forth.

    After one month all support will be billed at $55 per hour. Or you may purchase a support plan which can save you significant money.


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