There are free tools for backing it all up!

Are you worried about losing your gmail, Google pages, Google calendars, YouTube and everything you have in your Google account.  Then back it all up today.
A friend of mine recently got her gmail account hacked and had to report it to Google.  She didn’t have it backed up and was locked out of it for 24 hours. Another friend has suddenly lost a whole group of older emails. they totally disappeared one day and she can’t even find them by doing a search. Poof! Gone.

It’s super simple to back it all up into a .zip file wherever you want it for later.

Simple go here:

  • Select what you want to back up
  • Click Next a the bottom of the page
  • Choose whether to download to Google Drive or as a file.
    • Zip files can be opened on almost any computer. Archives larger than 2GB will be split into multiple .zip files.
    • After they finish creating your archive, they’ll email a link so you can download it to your personal device. You will have one week to retrieve your archive.
    • Or you can save it to Google Drive.

TIP: It can take several hours or days to back them up if you chose a lot on the list. You may want to start with you email one day and then do one or two a day.