How to focus on reinventing yourself in business without killing your brand.


It’s not easy to look at one’s self or business and see the whole picture. We often look at either only our best traits or or worst, depending on what personality type you are. Having someone from the outside, a complete stranger even, can give us a more accurate view. In fact, branding is just that. It’s how customers see your business. You can push and pretend to be one thing, but it’s what the customer experiences that give your company its’ brand.

After over 12 years of doing design, my mind is overloaded with what I should and shouldn’t do on my own new website. I keep asking myself these questions:

“Who is my audience?”
“Am I writing content for my audience, myself, or the search engines?”
“Are my pages loading too slow?”
“Should I put this logo in that is 10 years old?  It’s really good.”
“Do I have too much content? Does it overwhelm my audience?”

But most importantly, does it reflect who I am and where I want my business to focus? How I want my clients to view my business. This coming year my focus is going to be on photography, painting, doing big art, and designing “environments”. So that is what I want my website to show.

Think BIG. Lead – don’t follow.

Think outside the box again. The challenge I want us all to face this coming year is to not go with what everyone else is doing. The greatest success stories are of people who took a different direction in their thinking. Just look at Steve Jobs.

Last thought.  Should you dare reinvent yourself? You bet!